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Activists Russ Terry, Lisa Hurley and Renai Ellison host the compelling new show "Real Talk on Racism". They interview experts – business and nonprofit Leaders who are also People of Color. The guests and hosts discuss their experiences and insights and also what viewers can do to learn and become more aware of what may be happening to others.


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Episode 17: Lisa with Sharon Hurley Hall
Founder and Curator-in-Chief of Sharon’s Anti-Racism Newsletter, Diversity Team Lead at Omnis Education, and author of the upcoming book “I’m Tired of Racism.” (Premieres July 6th) 
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Episode 16:  Russ interviews Thomas Calhoun Jr, Founder of Own Your Masters. They discuss the concept of "Own your Masters" - some great wisdom for people of color and all of us, even if we are not in the music industry. (Premiered June 22nd) Click the pic to watch.
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Episode 15: Lisa with Ellen Wagner,
CEO of Cross Cultural Bridges, a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultancy driving organizational change, with a special focus on anti-black racism and queer hostility. (Premiered June 8th) Click the pic to watch.
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Episode 14: Russ with Major Ron Hathaway,
Hear the inspiring story of this incredible man who fought for our country in Vietnam, but experienced more hurt here on American soil due to racism against Black people. 
(Premiered May 25th)  Click the pic to watch.
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Episode 13: Lisa with Ashanti Martin,
Activist, Anti-Influencer™️, and writer of the famous New York Times article “Black LinkedIn Is Thriving. Does LinkedIn Have a Problem With That?
(Premiered May 11th) Click the pic to watch.
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Episode 12: Russ with Joan Green,
Owner/CEO of Together We Love and Host of the Navigating Two Worlds podcast, which has insights on how to help biracial children. (Premiered April 20th) Click the pic to watch.
Episode 11: Renai with Younes Haddouche,
Executive Director of WAFA House.
During this month of Ramadan, we have our second Muslim guest in a row.

(Premiered April 6th) Click the pic to watch.
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Episode 10: Russ with Selaedin Maksut,
Executive Director of The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – NJ, who discusses racism against the Muslim community here in NJ and otherwise (Premiered March 23rd) Click the pic to watch.
Episode 9: Russ with Kimberly Tiedeken,
Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Princeton University
Topics: Diversity at Princeton & her own life experiences personally and professionally (Premiered March 9th) Click the pic to watch.
Episode 8: Russ with Lydia Payne-Johnson,
Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, Speaker & Author of “The Black Woman’s Clapback! How to respond to microaggressions in the workplace” (Premiered Feb 23rd) Click the pic to watch.
Episode 7: Renai with Dr. Darlyne de Haan,
Founder & CEO of Mad About Science, Inc.

Topic: Culturally-Responsive Teaching 

(Premiered Feb 9th) Click the pic to watch.
Episode 6: Renai with Rose Williams,
Founder & Executive Director of Harambe Social Services

Topic: Serving the Underserved 

(Premiered Jan 26th) Click the pic to watch.
Episode 5: Renai with Beverly Gray,
Founder & Executive Director of The Balm in Gilead and Author

Topic: Race, Religion, & Domestic Violence

(Premiered Jan 12th) Click the pic to watch.
Episode 4: Russ Terry with Lisa Hurley, M.A. (She/Her),
Activist | Anti-Racism Writer
(Premiered Dec 29th) Click the pic to watch.
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Episode 3: Russ Terry with Phillip D. Woolfolk, 
Chief Operations Officer at The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ)(Premiered Dec 15th) Click the pic to watch.
Episode 2: Russ Terry with Kenrick Ross (He/Him), 
Executive Director at National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (Premiered Dec 1st).
Click the pic to watch.
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Episode 1: Russ Terry with Renai Ellison,
The world premiere of Real Talk on Racism! The hosts discuss the show’s mission.
Click the pic to watch. 
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About Us


Russ Terry has been passionate about diversity since moving to NYC 16 years ago. He has a multi-cultural family too, so this mission for him is also quite personal. He’s a devoted ally to People of Color and educates audiences formally and informally on racism, anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, equity, and a lot more. Russ is proud that Real Talk on Racism was his idea and that this vision is now a reality.

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Lisa Hurley is a writer, speaker, and activist whose work focuses on anti-racism, texturism, and destigmatizing introversion. She is also a passionate advocate for inclusion, equity, and gender equality. Lisa is the Editor-At-Large of Linked Inclusion™, co-host of The Introvert Sisters podcast, and a member of the Black Speakers Collection. She has been quoted in Forbes, Essence, and Fast Company. Lisa is always interested in having meaningful conversations! Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.



Founder & CEO of EMBRACE LIFE Enterprises, Dr. Renai Ellison began her journey as a Life & Leadership Development Coach & Consultant nearly 15 years ago. Dr. Renai served as Interim Executive Director for a non-profit organization where she began as a Reconciliation Consultant. With certificates in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Cornell University and the University of Southern Florida (USF), Dr. Renai is passionate about centering Black and Brown voices and strengthening anti-racist work. Her dissertation is focused on A Narrative Inquiry of Black Women’s Ministry Leaders.



Nick has been involved with video for over twenty years. It's only been in the past three years that he has decided to become a Professional Videographer. Nick holds an Associates degree in Telecommunications from Mercer County Community College.


JIM Monteforte

Jim Monteforte is the editor for Real Talk on Racism. He has been a filmmaker and videographer since 2010 and due to the pandemic, has gone on to train and work as a voiceover artist from his own home. He is incredibly happy to help with this show any way he can and looks forward to the vast array of guests we will be welcoming on the show in the future, as well as learning from all involved. "As an editor, I have seen each episode at least three times so I very well may be this show's number one fan."

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